The high school in Teotepeque
A donation of computer equipment was
made thought the generosity of the people
of St. Albert the Great in coordination with
St. Rita's Parish in Solon.

Laptop computers, network support and
internet hardware were configured then
transported to El Salvador by each
mission team member
The Ambulance program has been
one of the key services St. Albert
the Great Parish has provided to
the people of San Pedro,
Teotepeque.  Started in 2001 this
program is funded solely by our
football fund raiser.
The construction of a bell
tower with help from St.
Albert's.  Although beautiful,
this bell tower is very
functional over the wide span
of villages as a vital means of
Various Cleveland Parishes contributed to
the repair and renovation to the sanctuary
in San Pedro, Teotepeque.  St. Albert the
Great provided the ceiling in the church.  
The previous tin roof leaked and was too
noisy during rainy season to perform
Mass.  The insulated, dropped ceiling
provided a proper setting for the Mass.
2007 Mission Team from St.
Albert the Great and St. Rita's
Shoes for Kids provided shoes
for children of school age.  
Without shoes children are
less likely to attend school
High School was not provided to all children in El Salvador until the past
couple of years.  Previously, students relied on sponsorships to pay for
high school or they did not go.
Medical Care
Clean Water
Our Mission is the only
health care many locals
receive during the year.  
Clean water has improved the
health of 100's.  Simple water
filters prevent infection and
water borne diseases