In 2001 an Ambulance was
donated to the St. Peter the
Apostle Parish in memory of Colin
Flanagan from St. Albert’s School.
After having the ambulance reconditioned, all efforts involved
shipping it to El Salvador.  Finally, space on a freighter was
donated and the long journey began.
The original ambulance was purchase with
through the generosity of the people at
St. Albert's Parish.  
  • The original automatic transmission
    did not last a year in the severe
    mountain conditions.  An additional
    expense was soon felt converting it to
    a manual transmission.

  • Brake wear is a constant reminder of
    the environment the ambulance
    endures travelling down the mountain
    "paths" to the nearest medical
    facilities on the coast.

  • Fuel consumption has been a
    problem as prices soar.  

  • After five years of service it was time
    to replace this workhorse.
No patient is refused
transportation because of
their inability to pay.  Each
patient using the ambulance
is asked to pay a $20 fee to
support the operation of the
ambulance service
See the replacement ambulance
put into service in 2007