The ambulance is the only service to the hospital – over 2hrs away. The people of
Teotepeque pay what they can, but outside funding is essential.
In late 2006 a 4-wheel drive truck was
purchased to replace the aging
ambulance that had been in service for 5
years.  Through a generous private
donation and the support from St. Albert
the Great's annual
football fund raiser
the ambulance program continues.
  • A custom cap was added.  Still there
    is no care or equipment available for
    treatment of the patients on the way to
    the hospital.
  • On a recent mission trip light bars and
    sirens were added from a donation by
    a local Ohio fire department.
  • Gas mileage has greatly improved
    over the old ambulance.
  • 4-wheel drive has added to the
    effectiveness of the service in rainy
    seasons and road washouts.
first contractions saying it's time to give birth to your first born
imagine that the police cannot take you to the hospital because
they are understaffed and do not have enough money to fill their
own vehicle.  

So what do you do?  

You spend the next couple of hours going through town looking
for someone who has a vehicle.  Quite stressful. is the
case now, you could just call the parish ambulance driver, give
him your name, location, and a brief explanation of your need.  
He arrives in 10 or 15 minutes and is now driving you safely to
the nearest clinic or hospital where you will receive the medical
attention that you need.  

The Ambulance Program has radically changed the life of
literally thousands of individuals who have needed speedy
medical attention.  Also, the extra funds raised by St. Alberts
parish has sent a number of young people to college for about
$110 a month.  

Talk about making a real difference in people's lives!   We are all
extremely greatful for your generosity.  Please know that every
cent given goes to help you less fortunate brothers and sisters
in El Salvador.  May God bless you abundantly.  

Peace, Fr. Mark R. Riley
The ambulance made158"runs" to the
hospital in this year.  Remember that
these trips are measured in hours not
This is everyday life!
The ambulance matters!
Look at how it is being used:
2   Poisoned
40 Birthing
3   Problems in pregnancy
1   Stomach Enlarged
13 Broken bones
4   Open wounds
4   Miscarriages
1   Abdominal problem
3   Headaches
4   Stroke symptoms
17 Vomiting and Diarrhea
2   Blood Pressure problems
2   Prostrate problems
6   Heart problems
1   Hernia
1   Fatigue
3   Injuries of beating
3   Stomach aches
2   Complications from
11 Hemorrhages
3   General pain
1   Pneumonia
1 Nose bleed
4 Fevers
1 Mental problem
6 Diabetic issues
1 Bladder problem
3 Kidney stones
2 Cancer problems
3 Food poisonings
1 Stroke
1 Swollen knee
1 Swollen testicles
4 Dengue symptoms
1 Infected knee
1 Back pain
1 Animal bite
1 Lung issue
1 Complication of amputee
1 Ulcer problem
1 Appendicitis
1 Liver problem
1 Convulsion