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Teotepeque means “Hill of God”. The people are
proud and full of faith. A float is carried during
Lenten Stations of the Cross, by the young men
through the streets during lent.
San Pedro (St. Peters) in Teotepeque is home base for St.
Albert's mission activities. 25 satellite churches that make up
the total parish. A priest is able to visit only about once a month.
San Pedro is a 2hr walk through rugged jungle conditions.
Local Priests can only make the trip once a month. During
each trip he carries vital supplies including: clothing,
diapers, formula, and simple medial supplies.
Pope John Paul II called for a  "New
Evangelization" in Latin America.   
The mission of our organization is to help improve the
impoverished lives of the people of all faiths in
Teotepeque, El Salvador and its surrounding villages
The parish of Teotepeque
serves some 30,000
people in 25 different
communities of El
Fr. Michael's Teotepeque,
El Salvador Blog
Dear members of the El Salvador Missions Group

      Just an update from your missionaries: 1/7/13

In January of 2012, a group of medical professionals from St. Albert the Great parish
came to perform a medical brigade.  It was very successful and appreciated.  They
are planning a return visit the third week of January, 2013.  We are excited for the help
and the fraternity.

In August, a group from St. Albert the Great is planning a “Cultural Visit.”  The
intension is to come to know the Mission in El Salvador and the role of Cleveland in
that mission.

Our ambulance is a great sign to all those in our village and the surrounding villages
of the love and solidarity of our faith.  Some people criticize people of faith as being
un-scientific or anti-development.  To be honest, many of the people in these rural
areas still have their suspicions about the modern world and prefer the superstitions
remedies of their ancestors.  Our ambulance helps the sick reach the very best
medical professionals our country has to offer.  When the blind man asked Jesus to
heal him, Jesus used spittle and dirt to place over his eyes.  Is this not a sign that our
Lord intends to help us with the elements of the earth?  

Medicine and technology is the application of our God-given brilliance to learn how
nature works and how it can help us heal.  This Catholic message is reaching the
hearts of our people and bringing them to the awareness that they need not suffer
when we work together.  This is the road to a brighter future for the poor.

Our ambulance has also brought the Catholics into direct contact with non-Catholics
in a truly loving way.  All people are God’s children and deserve attention, especially
when they are ill.  We do not distinguish between Catholic or Protestant.  We tend to
the needs of the one God has placed in our lives.  In fact, our ambulance driver is not
Catholic (though I'm always inviting him in to Mass).  Non-Catholics would typically
criticise Catholics for being inactive in our faith, especially of our neglect of the sick.  
We no longer hear those criticisms.  Quite the opposite.  Most people now recognize
our commitment to the whole of the population: sick, poor, children, elderly, and all

We thank you for your sacrifices to make this gift of an ambulance a true source of
healing in our Mission.  May God continue to bring us closer together in the cause
that brings meaning to our lives: The Faith.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  God
bless you all.

Fr. Michael Stalla
Pope John Paul II called for a  "New
Evangelization" in Latin America.   

The photo below shows the first Catholic
evangelization in Comiaslan, culminating with
the first Mass in the history of their village.
Four sisters from Cleveland
the point of martyrdom – 1990.