San Pedro Mission
The mission of our organization is to help improve the impoverished lives of the people
of all faiths in Teotepeque, El Salvador and its surrounding villages
El Salvador is roughly the size
of  Massachusetts.The name
only country in the world to only
country in the world to bear God’
s name.

  • Population over 5 million
  • Mountainous tropical climate
  • St. Peter the Apostle Church
  • The Parish began in July 1998
Water Treatment
Medical Mission
San Pedro Mission
Teotepeque, El Salvador
Football Fund
For more information contact:
St. Albert's Rectory     (440) 237-6760
"El Salvador Mission"
c/o  St. Albert the Great
6667 Wallings Rd.
North Royalton, Ohio  44133
Practitioners, nurses, pharmacists,
Spanish translators and general helpers
are always needed

The week long trip provides medical care
to anyone in need in 4 different villages.  It
is a very rewarding trip for the volunteers.

Daily mass is celebrated with those we
serve in the different village parishes
Over 1/3 of the sick treated on past mission
Some of our "hands-on" parishioners
embraced the task.

In June of 2015, Mission Team built first
drinking water filtration system, providing
clean drinking water to the San Pedro
Catholic Academy students, parish workers,
Mass participants, visitors, and Mission
Center.  Two systems are being installed for

There are dozens of other churches,
schools and villages in need of clean drinking
water in this region of El Salvador!
How can you save lives from so far
away?  St. Albert the Great has provided
Ambulance service to this very rural area
since 2001.  2hrs round trip

Only method to reach nearest hospital for
over 30,000 villagers from 25 communities

Averages over 250 trips per year

Many babies born, countless lives saved

Funded by our annual Football "Super"
Party fundraiser.  
On the
Horizon 2018
Feb 18-24

Feb 4

St. Albert Medical Mission to El Salvador

Super Bowl Party Fundraiser

St. Albert Water Treatment Mission to El Salvador
The Diocese of Cleveland has had a long standing relationship with the people of El Salvador.  The
Latin American Mission Team has been working for and evangelizing to the people of El Salvador.  
There are three Missions in El Salvador, Inmaculada Conception in the Port of La Libretad, Santo
Domingo, in Salvador, Inmaculada Conception in the Port of La Libretad, Santo Domingo, in the city
of Ciltiupan and the third, San Pedro in

San Pedro is the poorest and most remote area of the three.  It is also the community that St. Albert
the Great Parish has been involved with.

Teotepeque is made up of 25 small villages which are supported by a single priest.  Some of these
parishes are so remote they can only be reached on foot.  One is a 2hr hike through the mountains.