Teotepeque Parish
El Salvador
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The parish of
Teotepeque serves
some 30,000 people
in 25 different
communities of El
Nearly every home in the community of Matazano was
destroyed in the January 13 earthquake.  The parish of
Teotepeque has built an an entire housing development
to serve the needs of these earthquake victims.

Each house, costing $2,000 has louvered windows,
bars for security over the windows, metal doors with
locks, cement floors and zinc roofs (cooler than
galvanized steel) a latrine and reinforced walls built to
withstand the next earthquake.

They may not seem like much by U.S. standards, but
these houses are far better than the homes they
occupied before the earthquake.

Occupants have helped by donating work hours to the
project, and each family will pay 10% of the cost of the
house over the next two years.
Earthquake Strikes
January 13, 2000
7,400 people, or one quarter of the
population of our parish, have
experienced significant loss  from the
earthquakes this year, and have
looked to the parish for assistance.
John Finkler surveys the warehouse in
Cleveland where he received, organized,
boxed and loaded some 78,000 pounds
of donations for transport by sea to the
quake victims in El Salvador.  

El Salvador is roughly the size of  Massachusetts
The name means “the Savior” and is the only
country in the world to bear God’s name
Population over 5 million
Mountainous tropical climate
St. Peter the Apostle Church
The Parish began in July 1998
Earthquake Damage
to the Parish and El
and Details
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